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What are cookies?

Cookies are commonplace across the internet and used to track movements across websites in an attempt to help improve the overall experience for the end user.  Cookies consist of very small data files that are placed on your website when you access a particular website.  It is important to note however that cookies don't track individual users' actions across the website but all occurring visits from the one machine that the cookies are located.  An individual's actions will only be monitored if they provide personal information, such as login details on a website.

The most common use of cookies is to store information regarding a current or previous visit to help aid the overall experience of users.  Typically this will involve remembering choices and preferences made previously so that this information does not need to enter again on subsequent visits. We do not currently store this kind of data.  It is important to note that cookie data can only be accessed by the website that initially placed the cookie information in the first place, unless they have agreed to share this information with other parties. 

We believe that we should only be using cookies to improve the way that we do business with you.

What we may use cookies for:

We do not intentionally use any cookies to store any personal data or other data that could be used to identify individuals.    Please see our known cookies list below.

Third-party cookies

We use a number of suppliers (e.g. Met Office, Tripadvisor, Google Maps and social media addins)who may also set cookies on their behalf.

Turning off cookies

If you wish to do so you can turn cookies off in your browser settings.  If you do turn them off however, it is important to remember that you may not be able to use all services on our websites.

You can find out more about turning off cookies at the independent website


Name of cookie Type of cookie Expiry period Reason for use of cookie Level of privay/tracking
_utma Google Analytics - Visitor identifier After 2 years Analytics Medium
_utmb Google Analytics - session identifier After 30 minutes Analytics Medium
_utmc Google anaylytics - session identifier When I close my browser Analytics Medium
_utmz Google Analytics - Campaign values 14 hours Analytics Medium
NID Google maps 6 months User preferences  
WT_FPC Webtrends used by MetOffice plugin upto 10 years Analytics  
ACOOKIE & others Webtrends used by MetOffice plugin 2 years Analytics  
Tripadvisor Various used by Tripadvisor plugin various Social